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Sat 10:51Sat 13:19#310LTF[Clo27] 850k
Fri 13:59Fri 14:01#254manganese25clo05 1762k
Fri 04:52Fri 04:54#194manganese25clo05 1089k
Fri 03:14Fri 03:16#180manganese25clo05 450k
Thu 20:55Thu 20:57#111高垣 楓Mat69 1023k
Thu 19:29Thu 19:35#96manganese25mat28 637k mat29 606k mat46 900k mat47 900k mat69 993k mat70 622k mat78 531k
Thu 19:25Thu 19:29#95manganese25mat28 600k mat29 600k mat46 846k mat47 846k mat69 993k mat70 622k mat78 531k
Thu 17:59Thu 18:10#66manganese25clo03 1450k clo07 900k
Thu 17:49Thu 17:53#60manganese25clo03 1250k clo04 1060k clo07 767k
Thu 17:48Thu 17:50#59SPoison[Clo07] 900k
Thu 17:43Thu 17:49#55manganese25clo03 1050k clo04 1000k clo07 767k
Thu 17:40Thu 17:43#53manganese25clo03 950k clo04 900k clo07 750k

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