Notify Log: Thread 227435
Auction ended
Note: Notifications are only sent the instant someone outbids you, and not for subsequent bids by others (unless you bid again and get outbid again)
Note: Due to the HV interface, a player cannot send MM messages if the player is in battle, no matter what. So if Superlatanium is in battle when you get outbid, the MM message will not be sent immediately, but it will be saved in a queue and sent the next time an update occurs.

Notifications active, currently winning item
Notifications active, currently not winning item
Date Post Bidder Code Name Alert Type
Fri 03:31#39suntainClo08Legendary Charged Cotton Gloves of the Elementalistmm
Fri 03:31#39suntainClo05Legendary Radiant Phase Shoes of Mjolnirmm